Boston Celtics legend sends strong praise towards fellow Cs icon

Paul Pierce received high praise from a Celtics legend.
Robert Parish sent high praise Paul Pierce's way
Robert Parish sent high praise Paul Pierce's way / Scott Eisen/GettyImages

Paul Pierce played in the NBA for 19 seasons and achieved one championship in 2008; the last title before the Celtics won it all again this past June, defeating the Dallas Mavericks 4-1 in the 2024 Finals.

Even though Pierce has the same amount of rings as Jayson Tatum and less than two-time champ Jrue Holiday, he's deemed as the organization's "greatest offensive player" by legend Robert Parish.

“In my opinion, I think he was the greatest offensive Celtic ever, in my opinion,” Parish said (h/t Yahoo Sports).

"I just think that Paul was more creative. He was a better scorer than Larry and John Havlicek. I think that Larry and John Havlicek and Paul were the best offensive players that the Celtics ever had. I think Paul tops that list in my opinion.”

For Parish to come out with that statement speaks volumes when thinking about all of the elite talent that ever played for the Cs. As he mentioned there's Larry Bird and John Havlicek, two guys known for their ability to put the ball through the hoop at a high clip.

Parish racked up three rings of his own with Boston solidifying greatness in his own right.

Who can become the 'greatest offensive player' in this era of Boston Celtics basketball?

The answer will more than likely be Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown as those two guys just have it — a knack to sink shots at will and come up with points when most needed. It's hard to argue that the answer would be anyone else.

On another note, Tatum and Brown are the second coming off a long-time duo that once was Steph
Curry and Klay Thompson. However, that ended on July 1st as he signed a three-year, $50 million contract with the Dallas Mavericks — ending a run of 13 years.

Only time can tell who will ultimately become the "greatest offensive player" in Boston Celtics history.

Who knows, Parish may be right after all.