Boston Celtics legend sends strong message on Steph Curry's leadership, 'He's not a rah rah MFer'

A Boston Celtics legend sent a strong message on Warriors star Steph Curry's leadership.
Brooklyn Nets v Golden State Warriors
Brooklyn Nets v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Boston Celtics legend Kevin Garnett wonders about Steph Curry's leadership in the wake of Draymond Green's suspension from the Golden State Warriors after striking Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkic in the face during an inbounds play on on December 12; claiming that No. 30 is not a "rah rah" type of guy. Well,

“Draymond’s energy and his passion is what is his superpower when it comes to being a member of his team," Garnett said (h/t Essentially Sports). "That is a part of their foundation. Steph Curry is not a rah-rah MF. You gotta have a couple of them in your team. He that.”

As the NBA's executive vice president, Joe Dumars, explained on December 18, there's no definite timetable for how long Green will be out.

"So, obviously, it doesn't go on truly indefinitely -- at some point it will come to an end -- but just in terms of a minimum, no, we have not put a minimum in for him," Dumar said (h/t CBS Sports).

"The only thing we really want to see him do is get better, so when he comes back we're not dealing with the same issues over and over again. And so that was the whole purpose behind 'indefinitely.' And when he is ready, then he'll come back. When we feel like he's ready, he'll come back. When the team feels like he's ready, he'll come back."

Boston Celtics not facing vulnerable Warriors team

Just because Curry isn't loud, doesn't mean the Celtics, or any other of the Association's 28 franchises, should be taking the Warriors lightly. Curry is still a leader, and he does it on the floor by willing Golden State to victories even into his mid-30s.

Steve Kerr has inserted Brandin Podziemski and Jonathan Kuminga into the starting lineup and has been able to get big numbers out of a 38-year-old Chris Paul adjusting to his first non-starting NBA role. Even without Green, the Warriors are doing whatever they can to stay competitive.

And they have the talent to do so.

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