Boston Celtics have driven Pat Riley to the brink with Jimmy Butler, who won't stop talking despite injury

Miami Heat Introduce Jimmy Butler
Miami Heat Introduce Jimmy Butler / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Boston Celtics knocking off the Miami Heat in five games during the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals -- plus Jimmy Butler's continued trash talk after the series loss, one he didn't play in due to injury -- has driven Pat Riley to the brink.

Riley claimed on May 6 that Butler, by nature of not playing against the Celtics, should not be talking at all at this point; let alone saying he would've sent the Cs and New York Knicks home had he been on the court.

“For him to say that, I thought, is that Jimmy trolling or is that Jimmy [being] serious?” Riley asked (h/t The New York Post). “If you’re not on the court, playing against Boston, or you’re not on the court playing against the New York Knicks, you should keep your mouth shut in your criticism of those teams.”

Pat Riley sounds ready to trade Jimmy Butler after comments on Boston Celtics, New York Knicks

Riley opened the door for Miami moving on from Butler this offseason. mentioning that "a lot of things are on the table" and sounding less than enthused about the 34-year-old's lack of availability this offseason.

“There’s a possibility that a lot of things are on the table,” Riley said. “If (Butler) requests [an extension] we can either accept or we can say ‘we’re gonna think about it. That’s a big decision on our part, to commit those kinds of resources, unless you’re somebody who’s going to be there every time.”

"Heat Culture" is unforgiving to other teams, and may be unforgiving to Butler here. It feels like the five-year marriage between Butler and Miami is coming to an end, with the franchise feeling like a longshot to pay the two-time Eastern Conference champion (but zero-time NBA champ) $113 million over two years.

Riley sounding so over Butler's schtick all but confirms an imminent split. Or so it seems.