6 Cheap veterans Celtics can target this offseason

The Celtics should look at these veterans this summer to improve their title odds.

Boston Celtics, Brad Stevens
Boston Celtics, Brad Stevens / Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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2. John Konchar

The Celtics had rumored interest in Konchar before the deadline. They acquired Xavier Tillman from the Grizzlies but did not find a way to add the 6’5 wing to the deal. It would have cost them Payton Pritchard and Boston did not want to lose another ball-handler. The price won’t change this summer, but the Celtics would have time to add another playmaker.

Konchar has struggled to make shots for two straight years but is a career 36.0 percent 3-point shooter. The Grizzlies have spacing issues around Ja Morant, which makes things more difficult. The Celtics won’t have those problems. Defenders will be helping off Konchar over the talent currently in Boston.

He begins a three-year $18.5 million extension next season. Getting a plus shooter with defensive versatility making just over $6 million per season is a massive win for the Celtics. Their roster only gets more expensive, so having capable role players on the cheap is a must. If they can find a veteran point guard willing to take a minimum contract, this is a trade worth exploring.

Can the Celtics do better on the trade market? There are questions about Konchar’s shooting and defensive impact. Brad Stevens and the front office may decide to add a lights-out shooter on a rebuilding team instead.