Boston Celtics cannot sign former championship PG who can hit buyout market

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics
Miami Heat v Boston Celtics / Maddie Schroeder/GettyImages

Following the completion of the trade that sent Terry Rozier to the Miami Heat in exchange for Kyle Lowry -- a scenario where the Charlotte Hornets now likely look at a buyout for the former championship guard since rebuilding is the plan -- the Boston Celtics now face a lose-lose scenario.

Not only is Rozier now a member of the one team Boston has trouble with in the postseason, but Lowry isn't eligible to be added via the buyout market because of their luxury tax situation.

"The Celtics did not have any interest in a Rozier deal per league sources due to his sizable salary making any type of trade with salary matching impossible without including any players of Boston’s top-6," MassLive's Brian Robb reported. "Boston continues to hunt for upgrades on the market using the team’s $6.2 million trade exception.

"Lowry immediately becomes a trade candidate with his new team in Charlotte or potentially a buyout candidate. However, the Celtics will not be a that is eligible to sign him if he does hit the trade market since they are above the $172.3 million first apron and Lowry earns more than the mid-level exception this season."

Boston Celtics face increased threat from Miami in playoffs

The Rozier-Lowry swap is a true nightmare for the Celtics. Rozier is a known playoff hero, specifically from his days as a Celtic given his Charlotte Hornets have not made a postseason appearance since he took his talents there.

Now he'll get to showcase that for the biggest proven threat to Boston in the east. With Jimmy Butler appearing more sporadically these days, Rozier will be the No. 1 option many nights in the regular season, possibly giving him the confidence to do so again in May and June; when a matchup with the Celtics is a distinct possibility.