6 Best trade targets to boost Celtics title odds

The Celtics are in the market for bench help, and some intriguing names will be available.
Boston Celtics, Joe Mazzulla
Boston Celtics, Joe Mazzulla / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Reggie Bullock

It has been a lost season for the 6’6 wing thus far. The Mavericks traded Bullock to get Grant Williams in July. He landed in San Antonio, but the rebuilding Spurs decided to move on before training camp. Bullock was quick to join the Rockets. Houston exited its rebuild but has not found playing time for the 6’6 wing.

The 32-year-old is known as a slow starter. His 3-point percentage and play improve as the season goes on. Bullock is a career 38.4 percent shooter from long range and is known for his ability to guard multiple positions. He played a key role in the Mavericks' run to the conference finals in 2022 and is looking for more playing time.

Bullock is on a minimum contract after his buyout in San Antonio. The Rockets may sell him for a second-round pick or just buy him out. Boston would be eagerly awaiting either scenario. Bullock could give them another wing to match up in the playoffs as the opposition goes small. He is comfortable spotting up and sinking open looks.

Reggie Bullock is only 32 years old. He struggled last season, but the entire Mavericks squad did after losing Jalen Brunson in free agency. The veteran may just need a new situation to get back on track, and it is a low-cost opportunity for the Boston Celtics with plenty of upside.