Boston Celtics analyst criticizes Shams for shamelessly promoting Sixers deadline acquisition

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One Boston Celtics reporter, NBC Sports Boston's Max Lederman, was not a fan of Shams Charania's shameless promotion of Buddy Hield, who was traded from the Indiana Pacers to the Philadelphia 76ers at the February 8 NBA trade deadline. The full deal landed the Pacers Furkan Korkmaz (via 76ers) , Doug McDermott (via Spurs) , 2024 second-round pick (via Raptors) , 2029 second-round pick (via Blazers) , and cash considerations (via 76ers), and sent the San Antonio Spurs Marcus Morris (via 76ers) , 2029 second-round pick (via LA Clippers) , and cash considerations.

Charania, perhaps at the behest of Hield's representation, gave the newly-acquired Sixers wing lip service in a quote tweet of the Stadium reporter's initial report.

"Philadelphia is acquiring a tremendous scorer and shooter in Buddy Hield, who is set to be among the top free agents this offseason," Charania wrote.

Lederman called Charania's tweet "embarrassing."

"We get it," Lederman prefaced before saying, "The agent leaked this to you but have some self-respect for goodness sake! This is embarrassing."

Given Charania's partnership with FanDuel -- and the accusation/reality that he swayed betting odds to get people betting on Scoot Henderson going No. 2 overall in the 2023 NBA draft by tweeting out what turned out to be a meritless report, only for the Charlotte Hornets to draft Brandon Miller as most were expecting --, it's fair to wonder what's behind anything the reporter tweets.

Boston Celtics did just enough at trade deadline to combat east competition

The Sixers were among the more active teams at the deadline, with the New York Knicks also making power moves to propel themselves to the top of the Eastern Conference. Overall, the entire Atlantic Division was wheeling and dealing in an attempt to mitigate the gap between the Cs and the field.

Luckily, the Celtics front office didn't sit on their hands, landing Xavier Tillman and Jaden Springer to fortify Boston's defense. Certainly, the C's offensive firepower didn't need any tinkering, so Brad Stevens did his best without attempting to fix what wasn't broken.

It seems like he did pretty damn well, all things considered.