Boston Celtics advised to put safeguards in place for their roster

The Boston Celtics were advised to put safeguards in place for their roster to fortify their ranks for their Banner 18 ambitions.
Charlotte Hornets v Boston Celtics
Charlotte Hornets v Boston Celtics / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

MassLive's Brian Robb suggested that President of Basketball Operations Brad Stevens and the rest of the Boston Celtics front office put "safeguards in place" to maximize the team's chances of raising Banner 18 next June.

"It’s not a perfect team but it certainly is the most well-rounded title contender this franchise has seen in a decade," Robb prefaced before saying, "With the buy-in evident across the team’s star power with sacrifice occurring up and down the roster, it’s on Brad Stevens and the Celtics front office now to double down with this group. The biggest obstacle this team may have right now in pursuing an NBA title could be itself particularly when it comes to injuries. For that reason, it’s on this team’s brass to seize the moment and put safeguards in place to maximize the title window this season and reduce that risk."

In terms of specific safeguard measures, Robb saw second unit depth in the frontcourt, and anywhere shooting can be supplied as the main areas of desired improvement.

"Whether that’s adding a more proven big to backup Kristaps Porzingis or Al Horford in the event of a playoff injury or finding a potential playoff rotation contributor that provides a needed skillset beyond what Payton Pritchard or Sam Hauser offer, all options should be aggressively pursued in the next six weeks," he wrote.

Kelly Olynyk the desired Boston Celtics trade target to scratch both itches

Stevens already has a player in mind to satisfy both needs the Cs currently face per NBA insider Marc Stein: a player he coached for the first four years of his Boston tenure, Kelly Olynyk, a current member of Danny Ainge's Utah Jazz.

Given Ainge and Stevens' prior relationship, finding a deal could be easier than with other front offices. Like Pat Riley's, who Ainge specifically wouldn't consider during Donovan Mitchell trade negotations that ultimately led to the Spida in Cleveland.