Analyst sends stern message on how Boston Celtics should handle Jrue Holiday injury

Phoenix Suns v Boston Celtics
Phoenix Suns v Boston Celtics / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

CBS Sports' Jack Maloney believes the Boston Celtics have to rest Jrue Holiday, following his dead arm injury suffered while the Boston Celtics were up by 32 points on the Washington Wizards during an eventual 130-104 win, for as long as it takes to get him back 100% healthy.

"...there's no reason to rush Holiday back," Maloney prefaced before saying, "He noted that he doesn't want to lose his rhythm, but it's more important to have him as close to 100% healthy as possible for the playoffs. The Celtics are hoping to finally break through and win it all this season, and Holiday is a big part of their success on both sides of the ball."

Holiday, for what it's worth, doesn't sound like he agrees with Maloney's proposed timeline.

"I'm feeling something, for sure," Holiday said. "I still want to play. That's part of the reason I play basketball. But it's also keeping rhythm. Sometimes, when you're out for a long time, you break rhythm, but I feel like I've been in a good groove and I want to continue to play."

Boston Celtics can't risk not having Jrue Holiday in rhythm for postseason run

Being too cautious with Holiday's injury can cost the C's synergy on the floor. Boston would be better off having Holiday back sooner than later at a tad under 100% to re-establish chemistry rather than playing it safe and costing themselves in the later rounds playing catch-up.

Payton Pritchard has emerged as the team's bench leader and can likely handle increased responsibilities, but even taking him out of his role as the second unit's table-setter could end up being destructive for the Cs.

There's a fine balance Joe Mazzulla has to find in navigating the Holiday injury, but being too safe could end up making Boston sorry when it's all said and done.