Analyst classifies major potential Boston Celtics reunion as 'significant boost'

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Two
Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Two / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

FanNation's Ben Stinar believes that an Isaiah Thomas signing would be a "significant boost" for the Boston Celtics ahead of the 2024 postseason.

"They have a veteran-led roster that will have a legitimate chance to win the 2024 NBA Championship," Stinar prefaced before saying, "That said, the Celtics do not have a lot of point guard depth, and Thomas would be an intriguing addition to the end of their bench for a playoff run. He has a lot of experience, is a well-liked player and is capable of scoring at a high level.

"In addition, Thomas had the best years of his career playing for the Celtics. He made his two All-Star Games with the franchise and helped them reach the Eastern Conference Finals in 2017. Fans would likely love a reunion and his presence (even with limited playing time) would give the team a significant boost."

Isaiah Thomas not better than current Boston Celtics PGs on depth chart

Thomas would be a significant boost to Celtics fans' collective morale, but there's no guarantee he'd be for the locker room. Derrick White and Jrue Holiday need not have any touches taken away from them, while Payton Pritchard has done more than enough to warrant any backup minutes at the 1 available in the postseason. There shouldn't be much, with White and Holiday both likely to push for 40 minutes per game.

Even Jaden Springer's youthful bounce should be prioritized over a potential Thomas addition. While the former Celtics MVP candidate lit up the G-League in his Salt Lake City Stars debut, scoring 32 points in a 127-116 win over the Texas Legends, Thomas is a better idea in theory than in execution for a Boston team that has a clearly defined pecking order.

Thomas deserves a shot in the NBA somewhere, possibly even on a playoff team, but this Celtics team doesn't need to mess with what's been working.