Analyst bearish on Boston Celtics trade target's attributes

One analyst was bearish on most of the attributes of a reported Boston Celtics trade target.
Detroit Pistons v Boston Celtics
Detroit Pistons v Boston Celtics / Brian Fluharty/GettyImages

Dallas Basketball's Grant Afseth, while speaking from the Mavs perspective, expressed little enthusiasm to what Isaiah Stewart brings to the table as a potential addition. Stewart was linked to the Boston Celtics by The Athletic's James L. Edwards III (subscription required) along with Dallas and the OKC Thunder.

"While Stewart provides physicality and rebounding impact, he stands at just 6-foot-8, naturally preventing from having much of an imposing presence as a rim protector while not being a limited option to guard in space at 250 pounds," Afseth prefaced before saying, "As a result, he's also limited as an interior play finisher while not being a fluid perimeter player as he attempts to improve his 3-point shooting."

Stewart is more of an enforcer than he is a stat sheet-stuffer. In truth, the Detroit Pistons' price is too high for Boston to consider, but at a more reasonable price, anyone should want the kind of physicality and sheer lack of fear Stewart has on the floor.

Isaiah Stewart's price tag not worth pursuit for Boston Celtics given current frontcourt options

Stewart would be more of a luxury than a necessity for the Celtics as things stand currently. When the postseason swings around, Kristaps Porzingis, Al Horford, and even Jayson Tatum will get pretty much all the minutes at the 5. Even in the regular season, though, Boston has enough frontcourt firepower to avoid giving up any assets barring injury.

Neemias Queta has flashed potential as a high-energy, low-minutes contributor, while Lamar Stevens proved to be an effective fill-in starter at the 5 against the Orlando Magic; scoring eight points in 14 minutes.

Again, if the price falls for Stewart, Brad Stevens and Co. need to play ball with the Pistons' front office. As things stand, though, there are far better trade targets out there to cede assets and go all in for.