Proposed Jayson Tatum-Jalen Brunson trade scenario leaves Boston Celtics fans in disbelief

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks
Boston Celtics v New York Knicks / Steven Ryan/GettyImages

Boston Celtics fans were assaulted with one of the most absurd trade proposals ever shared on the internet on February 24 ahead of an eventual 116-102 Cs victory over the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

"Tatum is easily the better individual talent
," FanNation's Ben Stinar prefaced before saying, "But if the Celtics hypothetically offered Tatum for Brunson...Do the Knicks say yes?"

Ugh. Yes. The Knicks would.

Celtics fans on X couldn't fathom the unmitigated gall of such a scenario being realistically floated in a serious fashion.

"If you offered me $100 for $10 would I take it?" asked one facetious fan.

"Brunson, OG, Robinson and every first and swap and the Celtics still probably say no," one poster prefaced before saying, "That offer could potentially get Jaylen though."

"They immediately say yes then hang up before Brad can change is mind," another jester prefaced before saying, "Then check to see if it’s April 1st, then check caller ID 15 (times) to make sure it was actually Brad and not scam."

"Damn right wtf lol," another wrote. "But Tatum's 6’10 (and) Brunson's 6’0 -- might as well take the taller player. Both (are) elite."

"The way people play with Jayson Tatum’s name needs to be studied," said Barstool Sports' Dan Greenberg.

Boston Celtics front office's roster-building has led to ridiculous Jayson Tatum meme

Because Tatum has been surrounded by All-Star talent and a strong supporting cast since being drafted into the league, the new agenda being pushed -- as the Celtics appear to be inching closer to Banner 18 with a historic regular season -- is that No. 0 has only been on super-teams.

Yup, starting alongside Tristan Thompson and Evan Fournier during a COVID-19-lockdown-stricken season constitutes a super-team to those on X. That's where professional basketball discourse is at these days.

Tatum initially had to battle the narrative that he and Jaylen Brown didn't get along and didn't fit as teammates. He's debunked that, so now we've moved on to the Cs having always been a super-team.

Whatever makes them sleep at night.