4 Teams that should especially want to avoid Celtics in first round of playoffs

These teams should be seeking to avoid Boston at all costs.

Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics
Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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The Boston Celtics are nearing all-time greatness in the NBA. They currently hold the fifth-highest point differential of any team in league history. In addition, their +767 scoring margin through 67 games exceeds the +726 scoring margin put up by the Golden State Warriors during their dominant 2016-17 season.

Boston is the clear-cut favorite to advance to the Finals from the Eastern Conference and they have an excellent chance of taking home a championship. They will be a nightmare for any team in the East to face come playoff time, but a few teams will especially want to avoid matching up with them next month.

Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic have been rounding into form as a fun, up-and-coming squad with potential to do damage in the playoffs. With strong defensive personnel, they are well-equipped to make life difficult for opponents when the game slows down in April.

But the biggest reason why they would not want to face Boston in round one would be the massive difference in playoff experience between the two. The Celtics are not only deep, but they have been to the Eastern Conference Finals five times in the last seven seasons with mainly the same core of players.

This version of the Magic has yet to make a single playoff appearance. If they found themselves facing Boston in the first round, it would almost certainly be a short series simply due to the mistakes they would make as a result of not having been there before.