4 former All-Stars the Boston Celtics should pursue this offseason

Many big name NBA veterans are hunting for their next or first taste at a championship opportunity, possibly with the Boston Celtics.
Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls
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Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry would love to return to his hometown Philly team and assist them in competing for a championship. However, the six-time All-Star is 38 years old and he should be focused on the surest spot to compete for an NBA title and the semi-final peaking Philadelphia Sixers are not the choice. The playoffs were a bit underwhelming, but he has NBA championship pedigree and does the little things like taking charges or going to the floor for a loose ball which wins ball games.

Lowry would only be expected to play a bench role as the eighth or ninth man in the rotation and his high IQ at both ends is a welcomed addition to the team. He is the definition of a win-now veteran who can aid in snatching Banner 19. Averages of eight points and five assists on 40% shooting on threes in 28 minutes of play for the Sixers make him more than qualified to make the list.