3 Obvious, 2 subtle moves Joe Mazzulla must make to turn Celtics into title favorites

There are some obvious and subtle decisions Mazzulla can make to level this team up.
Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics
Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics / Steven Ryan/GettyImages
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Subtle: More Porzingis post-ups

Kristaps Porzingis has been nothing short of fantastic for the Celtics this season. Since being traded from Washington last summer, Porzingis has enjoyed a stellar year. He is averaging a career-high in field goal percentage while playing his role perfectly, filling the shoes of the now-departed Robert Williams very nicely.

The Celtics' offense is obviously very heavily invested in three-pointers. That is not a bad thing, as they knock them down at an astounding rate, and currently own the highest single-season offensive rating in NBA history. But one thing they could try to incorporate a bit more is running plays for Porzingis to post up. He is 7-foot-2, so beating smaller opponents on the interior with pure size is a good tactic to lean into as well.

Obvious: Get Jrue Holiday going offensively

Joining the Celtics just before the season started, Jrue Holiday's ability to lock down defensively and make life difficult for opposing stars is what ultimately convinced the Celtics to trade for him. His defense has been huge all season long, and it will become even more valuable in the postseason.

But some forget Holiday's value in scoring the ball as well. Before he arrived in Boston, Jrue was scoring 19.3 points per game in Milwaukee, on his way to his second career All-Star selection last season. He is already shooting remarkably well this season with 48/44/82% shooting splits. It would be beneficial to unlock more of his scoring ability as the regular season winds down.