3 Myths about the Boston Celtics that are easily debunkable

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Three
Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Three / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Myth No. 1: The Boston Celtics are thriving because they're in the east

It is true of the Boston Celtics being far and away the best team in the Eastern Conference. They boasted a 64-18 record with the second seed in the east trailing 14 games behind. Fans and NBA experts are dismissing the C's as weak because of who they have faced so far. The Miami Heat had injuries to three of their top five players during round one. The Cleveland Cavs had injuries to two of their top three players in round two. If they draw the New York Knicks, then the argument will be they are hobbled as well. If they draw the Pacers, then it is they are too young and inexperienced.

I feel like this is obvious, but it needs to be restated, the green team can only play who is in front of them. They should not be ridiculed for choosing an easy path as none of this is in their control. Now, it has even gotten to the point where mainstream media and casual NBA fans are dismissing the C's as title contenders. I've heard beliefs that the NBA champion is coming out of the winner of Minny-Denver series.

It is important to note, the Boston Celtics posted an NBA-best 23-7 record against Western Conference teams this season. 3-3 against the teams remaining out west, they swept the series with the Mavs, and split the series with the Wolves, but were swept by the Nuggets. The games against Denver were decided by two possessions or less each time. The playoffs are a different animal, but to totally dismiss the Jays and company from having a chance is far-fetched.

Myth No. 2: The Celtics cannot win it all without Kristaps Porzingis

Boston is 26-5 without their All-Star caliber center, Kristaps Porzingis combined in both the Regular season and Playoffs. The idea of them not still being a contender without him lacks accuracy. Porzingis's addition was the dollar store version of a Kevin Durant to the Warriors type move. The best team in the NBA arguably added one of the best big men in the NBA.

The Cs still have numerous players who can step up and have stepped up time and time again this playoffs. Al Horford had another legacy-type performance to send the Cavs packing in Game 5 with 22 points, 15 rebounds, five assists, three blocks, and a steal on 8/15 shooting with six threes made. He's the only player to post those numbers in the playoffs at age 37.

Luke Kornet has been more than serviceable in the playoffs having solid outings against Miami and Cleveland. A great lob threat, excellent screener, solid rim protector, and the "Kornet Kontest" is still a problem in 2024. Xavier Tillman is still a viable option for minutes as well. Some are calling him a younger Horford. Neemias Queta is a bit of a project, but he is eligible to play as the 15th man.

Myth No. 3: The Boston Celtics have no bench

In years past this would hold true but when fully healthy the Boston Celtics boasted with one of the better bench units in the NBA. Horford is basically the sixth starter for the Celtics. A talent who sacrificed for the benefit of the team, but constantly stepped up in KP's absence this season. Payton Pritchard, Sam Hauser, and Luke Kornet have all seen more minutes and development this season. PP and Hauser boast the two highest plus/minus of any bench players this season in the NBA. I challenge someone to find one bad defender on the team.

Other guys further down the totem pole such as Tillman, Oshae Brissett, and Svi Mykhailiuk have all stepped up given the opportunity at points this season. The culture after all is one of sacrifice and the next man-up mentality throughout the team. The Cs are not a team of individuals, but truly the sum of their parts as everyone has a role to play.