3 Former Celtics we want to see in green again: Part 6

One is a stretch five who kills the Celtics every time they play, another is a wing who never got a real shot in Boston, and lastly is a raw backup center who is a tenacious rebounder.
These Boston Celtics returns would be welcomed
These Boston Celtics returns would be welcomed / Louis Grasse/GettyImages
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Mo Wagner

Mo Wagner just inked a two-year deal to return to the Orlando Magic but could be a potential trade target down the line for how much he has improved since leaving Boston.

In nine games for the Boston Celtics, the German big man averaged 1.2 points, and 2.1 rebounds on 29% shooting overall. This past season with the Orlando Magic, he averaged 10.9 points and 4.3 rebounds on 60% shooting overall, 33% from beyond the arc and 81% from the free-throw line.

Mo Wagner has become a thorn in the C's side since joining the Magic. Every game feels like a revenge game. Back in November, he erupted for 27 points against his former team on 69% shooting. Brad Stevens has a knack for signing players that have killed the Boston Celtics before. However, it would take the willingness to give the center a second chance at redemption.