3 Former Boston Celtics we want to see in green again: Part 3

One player was a sharpshooter who could not make the roster, another was center who had two separate stints with the club, and the third was a wing who broke out with Portland last year.
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Daniel Theis

This world has three guarantees: life, death, and Daniel Theis in a Boston Celtics jersey. Altogether in two separate stints, the German center has played five seasons with the green team. A big man who sets screens, rebounds, protects the rim, takes charges, and can hit the three at solid efficiency. In the 2023-24 season, he averaged 6.3 points, and 4.1 rebounds on 54% shooting, and 37% from the three in 17 minutes a game.

Daniel Theis is coming off being buried in a loaded center rotation on the LA Clippers behind Ivica Zubac and Mason Plumlee. The Cs need a new third big in the rotation with Luke Kornet and Xavier Tillman as pending free agents. I am ready for the war on Theis to commence again. He gets the worst whistle in the league but plays the hardest when he is out there.