3 Former Boston Celtics we want to see in green again: Part 3

One player was a sharpshooter who could not make the roster, another was center who had two separate stints with the club, and the third was a wing who broke out with Portland last year.
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Garrison Mathews

Garrison Mathews suited up for the Boston Celtics in 2021 training camp and the preseason, but was cut ahead of the 2021-22 NBA season to much of the surprise of the fanbase. A sharpshooter who plays high-energy defense would be a welcome addition to the C's bench. In 66 games for the Atlanta Hawks last season, the 27-year-old forward shot 44% on the long ball. This, coupled with the same tenacious D and the chip on his shoulder being undrafted, is enough for me to want to get him in green for real.

The Boston Celtics would not be in heavy competition with other teams to sign Garrison Mathews as he is not a household name. The forward has not experienced any degree of winning in his young NBA career and should be looking towards being a role player on a contender. Boston's offense is predicated on the ability to stretch the floor. Let Brad Stevens find more ammo in a new secret weapon.