3 Boston Celtics who could unexpectedly be traded if Cs blow Finals lead

2024 NBA Finals - Game Two
2024 NBA Finals - Game Two / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages
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Payton Pritchard

If the Celtics don't opt for a massive blockbuster involving someone like Porzingis, the next best thing they can do is try and swap out Payton Pritchard for two good fits on cheap deals or even a draft pick to cut future costs.

Thus far in the Finals, Pritchard has been even quieter than Hauser. Being that he's about to enter into the first year of a four-year extension, he'll be one of the few tradeable chips that'd be able to bring back any value. Hauser alone doesn't bring nearly as much back as Pritchard.

This one would hurt. Stevens has long had faith in Pritchard and kept him over Smart and Malcolm Brogdon last offseason. Losing him would take away a long-tenured piece that dates back to Stevens' days coaching.

But again, Pritchard is a trade chip since the Cs have limited options that don't involve trading their core. Trading Porzingis is most on the table and White is probably next, but Jayson Tatum and Brown are off the table, Jrue Holiday is off the table for CBA reasons, and Al Horford will probably get the chance to leave on his own terms.

Pritchard is the value signing that Stevens saved in his backpocket in the event he needed to shake things up under the highest tax apron in the new CBA.