3 Best first round playoff scenarios for the Boston Celtics

Orlando Magic v Boston Celtics
Orlando Magic v Boston Celtics / Maddie Malhotra/GettyImages
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Orlando Magic

Similar to the Bulls, the Orlando Magic struggle to score points, as they are one spot worse than the Bulls in terms of points per game, putting them in the bottom five. Despite that, the Magic have given the Celtics fits in recent memory. It seems they always come prepared with a solid game plan against the Cs and execute it. That made it difficult to put them on this list, but here they are.

In their last nine games against the Celtics, the Magic are 4-5 with all those wins coming in a row. However, now, the Magic are on a two-game skid against Boston. But it is worth noting that two of those Celtics wins were within a five-point margin of victory. The main reason they are the final team on this list is because of their road struggles. 

Obviously, if this matchup were to happen, the Celtics would have home court advantage. That does not bode well for the Magic, who have a 14-18 record on the road this season in comparison to their 18-8 home record. It’s clear that this is a different team when they play outside of Orlando.

Talent-wise, the Magic are more equipped than the Bulls and Hawks due to their young talent, but that’s another reason why they made the list. The playoffs are a different game entirely than the regular season, and their inexperience may hurt them. A matchup with Boston, who are very well tested with playoff games, would be a great learning experience for the Magic to better equip them in the future.

Until then, they remain a good matchup for the Celtics.