3 Aggressive moves the Boston Celtics can make in offseason to become a dynasty

Stanford v USC
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Brad Stevens won Executive of the Year and engineered one of the most dominant runs in NBA history during the 2023-24 Boston Celtics season between the playoffs and the regular season.

But legacies aren't built on one title. They're built on longevity and sustained dominance.

The Association's latest CBA is oppressive to teams in the luxury tax to create parity, but the Celtics still maintain some flexibility with their No. 30 draft pick and a few low-cost assets at the end of their roster.

With that pick and their assets, there is a chance to get aggressive and make win-now moves to keep the Celtics ahead of the competition. As great as the C's run has been, they undoubtedly lucked out not having to face several superstars on the way to the Finals.

Here are 3 aggressive moves the Boston Celtics can make in the offseason to stay on top and become a dynasty