Latest report on Damian Lillard is positive for Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics, Damian Lillard, Jayson Tatum. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
Boston Celtics, Damian Lillard, Jayson Tatum. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports /

The idea of Damian Lillard joining the Miami Heat makes most Boston Celtics fans want to throw up. The Heat just defeated the Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, and they have won two of the last three playoff matchups, so the idea of them acquiring Lillard is not great from a Celtics perspective.

However, new reports have surfaced that suggest the Celtics may not have to worry about the Heat getting Lillard.

According to Marc Stein and ESPN’s Marc Spears, the Toronto Raptors have emerged as a serious contender and the hottest name to acquire Lillard. The Raptors have a need at the position as Fred VanVleet left for the Houston Rockets, and they need a star to pair with Pascal Siakam.

Raptors landing Damian Lillard a best-case scenario for Boston Celtics

If the Raptors were to acquire Lillard, it would be the best-case scenario for the Boston Celtics.

Besides being traded to a Western Conference team, the Celtics would hope that Lillard would go to a team in the East that is not a contender. Lillard going to the Raptors would be great because even with Lillard, the Raptors would not be elevated into a contending status. Lillard is not at the level where he could elevate the Raptors to contending status overnight.

The Celtics would still be the favorites in the Eastern Conference, which would make this a positive. Also, Lillard not going to the Heat would be great because it would be a tough pill to swallow for the Heat, considering they have been deemed the favorite for Lillard from day one of the Lillard trade saga.

This is ultimately the beauty of the Boston Celtics being a championship contender as they don’t have to stress too much about the Heat getting Lillard, but they can be aware of what’s occurring. The Celtics should be happy with the latest development in the Lillard saga because his going to the Raptors would be perfect.