8 players the Boston Celtics signed past their prime

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Boston Celtics Nate Robinson
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Nate Robinson (2010)

Nate Robinson has to be considered one of the most intriguing players from the mid-2000s. Extremely undersized at 5-foot-9, Robinson found a way to not only make his presence known in the league but to also win an NBA Slam Dunk Contest (2009). While he was originally traded to the Boston Celtics, I was able to include him since he did technically sign a new contract with the Celtics during the summer of 2010.

It ultimately didn’t work out for the Celtics and Robinson as he only played 55 games, averaging seven points on 40 percent shooting on that new contract before he was packaged in a deal (along with Kendrick Perkins) to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Robinson may not have an extended “prime” in the league that others had, but there was one point where he was one of the bigger names around the NBA. By the time he got to the Celtics, unfortunately, his game was beginning to fall off. That’s not an insult to Robinson or his longevity. The fact that he was able to “make it” in the league and have his career span over 11 different seasons and eight different teams is an accomplishment in itself.