8 players the Boston Celtics signed past their prime

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Boston Celtics Enes Kanter
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Enes Kanter (2019)

As one of the more polarizing players for his off-the-court opinions, when it comes to strictly basketball, Enes Kanter proved to be a talented offensive player. And for a few seasons, he had a moment in the NBA. During the 2019 offseason, the Celtics signed Kanter to a two-year deal in an attempt to find some added offense in the frontcourt.

While there were some bright offensive nights for Kanter during his stint with the Celtics, he was simply unplayable more often than not due to his inconsistencies on the defensive end. It was truly a shame considering how talented (and productive) he was on the offensive end of the floor at various points of his career. Looking back, that was probably a big reason why the Celtics took the chance on him in the first place.

However, it was quickly apparent that Kanter was no longer that unique offensive player by the time he found his way to the Celtics. Interestingly enough, even after the Celtics decided to move on from him the first time, Boston decided to bring Kanter back on a one-year deal two years later. As you would’ve expected, though, Kanter’s second stint in Boston didn’t play out much better. The Celtics traded Kanter to the Houston Rockets before the NBA Trade Deadline.