Update: Blake Griffin reflects on Boston Celtics experience

Boston Celtics (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Boston Celtics (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

On Monday, the golf channel “Fore Play Golf” posted a video with Blake Griffin. Although the primary focus was golf and there was little talk about his future in the NBA, the big man did have a few things to say about his past year with the Boston Celtics.

On living in Boston

While briefly mentioned in the above clip, it is safe to say Blake Griffin enjoyed living in a city so committed to winning. While he had nothing but good things to say about living in Michigan from his time with the Pistons, it is clear living in a city with high expectations meant a lot to him.

From passionate fans to historic teams and players, Boston is widely regarded as one of the best sports cities in all of America.

On Jayson Tatum and other Boston Celtics teammates

"“One of the best parts, the players on that team are such a great group of guys… a guy like Jayson Tatum, a legit superstar and just so humble, talks to everyone on the team, talks to the whole staff…”"

While many fans would expect nothing less from the Boston Celtics All-Star it appears that is not the standard in the NBA. In the clip, Griffin emphasized the fact Tatum would sit down with anybody and not only hang around the other All-Stars/ leaders on the team. While fans can only speculate, it appears this is not always the case for superstars and their respective teams.

Griffin, who has played on four different teams across 14 years in the NBA would know better than anyone what truly goes on behind the scenes. By Griffin’s speaking on the locker room and the relationships that Celtics players have with each other, it reinforces the belief that this team believes in themselves and their ability to win a championship for the city of Boston.

Going forward

There are two ways to look at Griffin’s comments; the scenario where he returns to Boston and the scenario where he does not.

Scenario 1: Griffin returns to Boston and fills a role similar to the role he played last year

He is an energy guy off the bench when the normal rotation bigs need a rest/ are not playing for rest or injury purposes.

Scenario 2: Griffin does not return to the Boston Celtics

Although this would be a sad goodbye for a player that was only with the team for a year, it also opens the door for free agents and potential trade targets in the future. Based on his comments, Griffin has confirmed that even if you are not a star player or even an everyday role player, Boston is a great place to play.

All things considered, whatever the team and Griffin decide to do will have a positive impact on the future of the Boston Celtics.