Danillo Gallinari sends pointed message to Boston Celtics after trade

Former Boston Celtics forward Danillo Gallinari. (Photo by Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images)
Former Boston Celtics forward Danillo Gallinari. (Photo by Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images) /

After spending one season as a member of the Boston Celtics, Danillo Gallinari was dealt to the Washington Wizards last month, as part of the trade that sent Kristaps Porzingis to Boston. During his time with the C’s, Gallinari didn’t even have the opportunity to take the floor, after tearing his ACL last summer.

The Italian wing recently discussed his trade away from Boston, hinting that he may have a chip on his shoulder when he visits TD Garden next season.

“I can’t wait to play against Boston,” he noted on his podcast, A Cresta Alta, “As soon as the schedule comes out, I will mark the dates of every game against Boston.”

Gallinari then went on to add that he’s excited to get back out on the floor in general, after being sidelined so long with the knee issue.

“Joking aside, I am excited. I am ready to start the new season,” he added and updated his status, “I am still in rehab. So, I am not actually ready to play a basketball game. But the goal is to be fully ready to start the training camp.”

Does Danillo Gallinari have good reason to be upset with the Boston Celtics?


The aging wing signed a two-year deal with the Boston Celtics with the hope of winning an NBA Championship. Of course, that didn’t happen.

Gallinari was excited to join the Celtics, and even put out a statement to his Twitter page once the season came to an end.

“My 15th season in NBA is over,” Gallinari wrote. “I would have liked to play. I would have liked to have debuted in this jersey in front of these amazing fans. I would have liked to help my teammates. And I would have liked to have seen us until the end.”

Instead of getting the chance to run it back, the veteran will be suiting up for a lowly Wizards team that’s expected to be amongst the league’s worst.

That’s quite the difference from pushing for Banner 18.