The 9 most disappointing Celtics players since 2008

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4. Semi Ojeleye

Era: The Kemba Core

Disappointment Points: 4

Another dark horse pick. My man Jesusemilore Talodabijesu Ojeleye was always a fun player with a prototypical body type. Sporting a six-foot-six, 240 lbs frame, he was hailed as a physical presence that could be a valuable chess piece on the defensive end. But I’m not disappointed in a second-round pick not becoming a superstar.

I’m disappointed in him for not living up to his nickname, which drove me crazy. Introducing Semi Ojeleye: “The LeBron Stopper.”

This nickname… was so utterly ridiculous that it made me legitimately disappointed in something that shouldn’t have ever been in the conversation. Ojeleye somehow got pegged as the Celtics’ iteration of what every team pretended to have for the 8-ish years LeBron James brutalized the Eastern Conference, but these nicknames always end poorly for the people who get them.

Remember when Matthew “Delli” Dellevadova was “The Steph Curry Stopper” when the two met in the NBA Finals? Didn’t age great. I distinctly remember a kid holding up a sign in the crowd that read “The DELLI is open, now serving CHICKEN CURRY.”

If you were that kid, please hit me up on Twitter. I want to buy that sign.