The 9 most disappointing Celtics players since 2008

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7. Jared Sullinger

Era: The “Rebuild”

Disappointment Points: 2

It’s Q&A Time.

Where were you on January 15, 2014, when Jared Sullinger scored 25 points and grabbed 20 rebounds to beat the Toronto Raptors? 

Well, I was probably watching the game on my couch, wondering why our best player was Jeff Green, why Phil Pressey started at point guard, and why he didn’t score the entire game. But then Sully came to the rescue.

Describe what you thought about Sullinger after his mammoth 20-20 statline.

I thought this was a Q&A, and that’s not a Q.

Sorry. What did you think about him after the game? 

I naturally believed the third-year player and former first-round pick had finally found his route to high-end status. I was ready for Sully to be the big man of the future, and to continue to dominate the boards for years to come.

How did that go? 


Could you elaborate?

Pick an injury out of a hat. Lumbar disc surgery? Metatarsal stress fracture? Not staying in shape while recovering? You name it. Couple that with the fact that I became increasingly convinced that Tyler Zeller was by far the best center on the team—and just maybe the best player period. My dreams of Jared “Wilt Chamberlain” Sullinger were dashed forever.