The 9 most disappointing Celtics players since 2008

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9. Amir Johnson

Era: Isaiah Thomas Renaissance

Disappointment Points: 1

This first one is just a taste. An appetizer, if you will. Amir Johnson was hardly expected to change the fortunes of the 2016 Celtics, but rather be a solid additive big man on a team whose best player stood at five-foot-nine inches tall.

But every time I watched Johnson lumber around the court, I couldn’t shake the immutable feeling that he just had no idea what he was doing. He was an instinctive rebounder and a fine enough roll man for Isaiah Thomas but regressed from his 2015 peak in Toronto by the time he made it to Boston.

Johnson was a painfully bad free-throw shooter, and not a particularly great shot blocker or scorer. Yet he started fifteen playoff games for the Cs in his two seasons to the tune of $24 million. The whole thing just tasted bad, and I wasn’t particularly upset when he took his talents to Philadelphia.