3 Malcolm Brogdon trades that could move the needle for the Boston Celtics

Malcolm Brogdon and Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics.
Malcolm Brogdon and Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics. /
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Boston Celtics strike a deal with the Devil (L.A. Clippers)

Now, first things first, the Boston Celtics probably should give the Clippers the cold shoulder after how things went down the first time the two sides tried to come to an agreement on Brogdon.

However, if Boston was feeling forgiving then a deal could look something like this.

In the case that the C’s did make a move for Norman Powell, it’d somewhat fill the void left by Brogdon. They’d still wind up needing some extra help at the point guard position, but they will have replaced the scoring punch that they were getting off the bench last season.

Powell’s $18 million contract is the most interesting one that L.A. could throw in to match Brogdon’s money. Much like Boston’s No. 13 did this year — Powell, now 30 years old, provided a offensive boost off the bench. He averaged 17 points per game for the Clippers this year while knocking down 47.9% of his attempts from the floor and 39.7% of those from deep.

As for if L.A. would actually want to be in on the deal, who knows? The added pick would be compensation for the cold feet that they got last month, resulting in the Celtics trading away Smart.