Proposal sees Boston Celtics acquire pair of top-4 draft picks for Jaylen Brown

The Boston Celtics’ Eastern Conference Finals elimination opened the floodgates for Jaylen Brown trade proposals — which makes sense considering previous comments made about “toxic” fans in the city of Boston and the looming potential $295 million supermax now on the table after his All-NBA Second Team 2022-23 season.

HoopsHabit’s Cal Durrett came up with a “must” scenario for both the Celtics and the Rockets involving Brown that’d see Boston acquire a pair of top-4 draft picks: 2021 No. 2 pick Jalen Green and Houston’s No. 4 pick in the 2023 draft. The scenario is one seemingly on the table considering previous reporting from Rockets insider John Granato indicating Brown would be on Houston’s radar.

“Yesterday, I got some insight into the Rockets organization bringing in veterans,” Granato prefaced before saying, “They’re going to do that. I’m going to tell you this. You’re gonna hear a lot of noise about Jaylen Brown. He wants out of Boston.”

The Boston Celtics must consider such a proposal if offered

If the Rockets did come to the Boston Celtics front office proposing this package, Brad Stevens and Co. would have to consider it.

Brown has been wobbly in his commitment to the city, and it’s hard to ignore reports like The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor’s that paint a picture of a locker room with chemistry issues. Game 7 is pretty damning evidence supporting that report.

If signing Brown to a supermax is simply delaying his inevitable trade request, nabbing Green and a top lottery talent in this year’s draft is a great hedge against more drama. With the Thompson brothers (Amen, Ausar) both available as backcourt options, Jarace Walker serving as a top frontcourt option to possibly fortify the team’s aging and injured frontcourt, and Grady Dick capable of becoming an even better shooter than Brown, there is no shortage of franchise-altering selections in 2023. Green is developing way faster than Brown did as a scorer, making him a potential superstar himself.

Kudos to Durrett for coming up with a deal that’s worthy of consideration by all sides and a tough for everyone at the negotiating table.