Executive reveals potential Boston Celtics ulterior motive for Jaylen Brown Supermax

Boston Celtics Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Boston Celtics Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

A potential Jaylen Brown Supermax contract could be signed by the Boston Celtics this summer with the intention of trading him down the line if things don’t work out for the duration of the contract according to an executive who spoke with Heavy.com’s Steve Bulpett.

“The main reason why everyone out here knows they have to get something done with him is that you can never afford to lose an asset like that,” the executive prefaced before saying, “Even if you sign him and things don’t work out with your team down the line, you have a player of value. All-Star players can attract free agents who want to play with them, or you can use your player as an asset in a trade.”

Boston projects to have no cap space in 2024 when Brown is tentatively set to hit the open market, so replacing him in free agency is not an option.

Jaylen Brown is a likely Boston Celtics Supermax shoo-in

As much as Brown has knocked the city of Boston, it’s undeniable that he has unfinished business with the Celtics and is only getting better each and every season. To boot, due to several bad games from Brown during the Eastern Conference Finals, many teams may not be willing to hand Brown a Supermax contract until seeing how he fits first. This all comes with the inherent risk from all parties of not knowing whether No. 7 can handle an extended role as a team’s top option offensively.

Brown likely doesn’t sign off on such a scenario, refusing to risk millions while also not knowing whether or not the grass is greener than it was in Boston. The Cs are in the driver’s seat to sign him to a long-term extension whether or not he stays in green for the duration of his career.

The potential return for Brown down the line could have its bar risen with continued improvement from the Marietta, Georgia native. Waiting on trading him would be in everyone’s best interest, but choosing to pay Brown is something that must be done as soon as possible.