New NBA CBA ‘unlikely to sway’ Celtics All-Star to re-sign in offseason

The NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement is “unlikely to sway” Boston Celtics All-Star Jaylen Brown to re-signing with the franchise in the offseason — instead making it just as likely he’ll explore free agency in 2024 after making an attempt to become an All-NBA guard (though his true position is forward). NBC Sports Boston’s Chris Forsberg explained why that was the case.

“An increase in veteran extensions would allow the Celtics to offer Jaylen Brown a more valuable extension this offseason regardless of his All-NBA status,” Forsberg said. “Alas, the increase from 120 percent to 140 percent is unlikely to sway Brown’s desire for a non-supermax extension. Brown, who is set to earn $ 30.7 million in the final year of his current extension, would now be eligible for a four-year, $ 190 million extension with a first-year salary of $ 43 million. While $ 25 million richer than what Boston could have previously offered, the contract is still a far cry from the 5-year, $ 290 million supermax that Brown would be eligible for if he were to earn All-NBA.”

Without an All-NBA designation, Forsberg puts Brown’s chances of re-signing with the Celtics at slim to none. “Brown has virtually no incentive to sign this summer without the supermax, as even with the increase to 140 percent, he would be eligible for a similarly structured extension from Boston regardless of award status when he reaches unrestricted free agency in the summer of 2024,” Forsberg wrote.

Jaylen Brown extension would ‘eliminate a storyline that would linger’ for Boston Celtics during 2023-24 season

A few of the primary reasons Forsberg would like to see Brown make the All-NBA team would be to increase the chances he takes an extension over the 2023 offseason and decrease the chances his 2024 free agency would linger around the team during the 2023-24.

“The Celtics need to hope Brown lands one of 15 All-NBA berths this summer to entice an extension,” Forsberg wrote. “Boston would still be well positioned to retain him over rivals, but an early extension would eliminate a storyline that would linger throughout the 2023-24 season.”

Brown will be linked to his hometown Hawks, any team in California, the state he played college ball in, and any rising playoff team deemed to be one piece away until he is re-signed. If Brown doesn’t receive All-NBA honors for the 2022-23 season, then buckle up for a fast-moving rumor mill.