Boston Celtics: Insider hints that teams will have strong interest in Grant Williams

Grant Williams has been an important part of the Boston Celtics’ success throughout this season and last. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to come to an agreement with the team over the summer about an extension.

The lack of an extension means that the 24-year-old will become a restricted free agent at the end of the season. Boston will still be able to match any offer that comes his way, but they’ve lost the opportunity to prevent any outside factors from interfering with negotiations.

On Tuesday, fans were given a glimpse into what the potential market for the four-year vet could be come July 1. The Athletic’s Shams Charania explained that there is “strong interest” in Williams from teams around the league during a segment on FanDuel TV.

Charania detailed the potential price range for Boston’s Number 12, saying:

“So I think there’s gonna be a market. When I talk to teams around the league, I think people are looking at him as somewhere in that $15 to $17 million dollar range in an extension.”

Grant Williams has been a great piece for the Boston Celtics

After somewhat of a breakout season in 2021-22, Williams is once again turning heads with his efficiency this year. Grant is averaging just under 10 points per game on 53/44 shooting splits. He’s also playing 29 minutes per game and grabbing just under five boards a night. Literally all of the aforementioned stats are career-highs for Williams.

On top of improving across just about all statistical categories, the Celtics forward has become a more versatile player. He’s been more aggressive when driving closeouts and scoring inside this season.

Here’s an example from Sunday’s loss against the Magic. In this play, Williams drives past Moritz Wagner as he closes out, and finishes through traffic with his left hand. Last season, this would’ve been a situation where Grant gave up the ball.

A little later in the game, he does the same, this time putting down a tough Eurostep layup.

There are so many additional examples of how Grant has become a more skilled player sprinkled throughout the early part of this season. His growth is another thing that could make him more valuable to teams around the Association. Charania echoed this during the FanDuel segment, saying:

“I think teams feel like he can be more impactful on the offensive end, doing a little bit more than just being a spot-up shooter. But right now he’s filling a perfect role for the Celtics, and I think when you look at the cap space teams — the Orlando’s (Magic), the OKC’s (Thunder), the Indiana’s (Pacers) — those are teams that you can plug a Grant Williams.”

Hopefully the decision not to extend Williams won’t be something that the Boston Celtics regret this summer. He’d be a big piece to lose after building such a deep rotation.