3 reasons the Boston Celtics should NOT sign Carmelo Anthony

Boston Celtics Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Boston Celtics Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Boston Celtics are in the market for a new scoring threat off the bench after losing forward Danilo Gallinari to a torn ACL this off-season. Many NBA writers and Celtics fans alike have been clamoring for a possible acquisition of Carmelo Anthony.

On the surface, Melo provides a skillset reminiscent of what the Italian forward would have provided. A double-digit scorer and savvy veteran presence for the second unit. The 10x All-Star seems like an ideal fit for the Celts and has very little of a market at this point in free agency.

The 38-year-old forward may have one more run in him and theoretically could be the piece to vault Boston over the hump to get an NBA championship. All the stars are in alignment for this move to occur any day now.

He’s also 38 years old and the decline is evident since leaving the Knicks. There may be legitimate reasons as to why no team has heavily pursued him to this point and why the Lakers opted to move away from re-signing him.

There have been reports that the Celtics are entirely out on the Anthony front, while other sources say the addition is of mutual interest. The C’s are one player shy of their top 20 roster spots allowed for training camp. It would be a very dark reality for the veteran wing to want to fight for a roster spot.

Retirement at 38 years of age is the more likely alternative. Anthony has solidified himself as a first-ballot Hall of Famer with a net worth of over $160 Million which would allow him to leave the game comfortably.

If Brad Stevens and the company do decide to give one of their roster spots to Melo, then we will see this materialize soon in the next week or so with training camp and roster finalizations in the wings.

This HH writer believes, the Celtics should not sign Carmelo Anthony and have outlined three reasons why.