Boston Celtics analyst: ‘The more we learn about Kevin Durant, the less Cs fans should want him’

Boston Celtics should be wary about Kevin Durant after the 33-year-old issued an ultimatum to Joe Tsai over the weekend that he needs to choose between KD and the brain trust of head coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks.

That’s at least according to iHeart Radio’s Boston Sports Director and DraftKings host Adam Kaufman, who tweeted out on Monday that ‘the more we learn about Kevin Durant, the less Celtics fans should want him.’

Durant, during a face-to-face meeting with Tsai in London, issued his potential Brooklyn Nets career-ending threat over a month after his late-June trade request was initially given to the front office/ownership group.

Why the Boston Celtics shouldn’t be too worried about KD’s Nets ultimatum

According to Kendrick Perkins, ‘this generation is some goons’ because stars like Kevin Durant could go ahead and request a trade the day after the draft before calling for the jobs of the GM and the head coach:

Truthfully, though, Boston Celtics fans shouldn’t be concerned that in trading for Durant, they’d be inheriting the same mess. Frankly, Brooklyn is the only franchise that has put KD in the position to even be upset.

There were never rumors of dissention in Oklahoma City, with bad blood only developing from the Thunder organization being blindsided by his decision to leave to join the team they had just held a 3-1 lead on in the Western Conference finals. The Golden State Warriors had nothing bad to say about Durant when he was winning them championships in 2017 and 2018.

It’s not completely fair to say that Brooklyn painted itself into a corner since the idea of signing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving sounds like a no-brainer in theory. If you want to give them a mulligan for not foreseeing a vaccine mandate being put into place in just three United States cities (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco) forcing KD’s co-star to be inactive/part-time, that’s fine.

But it was Sean Marks and the Nets front office that gave up role players (Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen) that look like they can morph into more to acquire James Harden. It was Marks and the Brooklyn brain trust that would later flip Harden for a max contract point-forward (Ben Simmons) who had no interest in suiting up during the postseason.

When it comes to Kevin Durant’s unhappiness, the Brooklyn Nets did this to themselves. Boston Celtics fans need not be worried their own competent front office would do KD dirty in the same fashion.