3 reasons why the Boston Celtics could be on the brink of a dynasty

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The Boston Celtics are coming off of an NBA Finals defeat that they seemed to throw away themselves. Since the loss, the overall vibe in Boston has been gloomy as fans are still trying to recover from the disappointing loss.

The media is back to questioning whether this team is made to play together despite the fact they were just two wins away from winning a title. The narrative of blowing up the team and starting over is back for the first time since January when they had a losing record.

I’m here to tell you that all these takes are blasphemous and hold no value surrounding this championship-caliber team. As a matter of fact, the C’s have taken the biggest leap they’ve taken in years by falling two games short of the ultimate goal.

Yes, losing in the Finals stinks, but what Boston fans and the media seem to forget is that this team went through the most drastic ups and downs of any team in the whole league.

Back in the early stages of the season, the team couldn’t seem to buy a win, especially when they had a lead heading into the fourth quarter. Then, they didn’t lose for what seemed like three months straight, taking over the one seed in the East, before ultimately dropping to the two seed come playoff time.

They had arguably the toughest playoff schedule, knocking off a super-star duo in Brooklyn, the best player on the planet against the Bucks, and then a tough gritty team in Miami before ultimately falling to the greatest shooter this sport has ever seen.

Even though the Boston Celtics lost the NBA Finals, they are on the brink of a dynasty, and here are 3 reasons why:

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