Boston Celtics: Blockbuster 3-team deal improves 2 Atlantic Division rivals

This 3-team blockbuster improves 2 Atlantic Division Rivals of the Boston Celtics Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
This 3-team blockbuster improves 2 Atlantic Division Rivals of the Boston Celtics Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports /

The Boston Celtics, regardless of what happens in the deciding games of the NBA Finals, have earned their spot atop the Eastern Conference totem pole in 2021-22.

Sweeping the superstar-stocked Brooklyn Nets, then taking down the last two east champs (Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat) consecutively in seven-game classics definitively earns you that right.

If the Boston Celtics are able to raise Banner 18 by the end of this 2021-22 campaign, no grand-scale changes will be necessary this offseason. Should Steph Curry’s singular superstar dominance lead the Golden State Warriors to their fourth title since 2015, that conversation could shift.

Either way, the Boston Celtics are the class of the Eastern Conference right now

The Eastern Conference will surely be out to improve this offseason in order to catch up to the Cs, knowing that the age of singular team/player dominance (think LeBron James in the 2010s) has been over for several seasons now.

Having concocted mock deals that have created a new Miami ‘Big 3’ and an unstoppable defensive frontcourt in Milwaukee, the Houdini is now aiming to solve three different teams’ highly-compensated star guard issues in one fell swoop.

Here is our latest blockbuster mock deal, with this one improving 2 Atlantic Division rivals:

Why the Brooklyn Nets do it

At this point, Kyrie Irving’s tenure in Kings County is tainted with the 2021-22 season starting off with the mercurial point guard sitting games due to his reluctance to the COVID-19 vaccine and ending with a four-game sweep to the Celtics.

The story-arch could be one of redemption in Brooklyn, but not Irving’s. Instead, Russell Westbrook could reunite with his long-time running-mate Kevin Durant in hopes of unseating the potential NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, just like in 2016.

Brooklyn taking on Westbrook’s expiring deal, along with Long Island product Tobias Harris, who’d also be returning home, would yield the reward of future star Tyrese Maxey. Maxey could be the true Durant partner in crime in the years to come should such a deal go down.

Why the Philadelphia 76ers do it

Joel Embiid’s near-MVP season was foiled in the postseason by the Miami Heat, who exposed his weak supporting cast around him. Embiid would have no such qualms about his lineup with stars like Kyrie Irving and LeBron James around him.

Such a Philadelphia ‘Big 3’ has the potential to be the most potent offensive trio in league history. If Embiid can reach that next level of rim-protection, this 76ers squad would have dynastic potential.

The only downside of this move for Philly is the chance that it remains a one-year arrangement with both Irving and James able to hit free agency in 2023.

Why the Los Angeles Lakers do it

If LeBron James isn’t long for L.A. and the Lakers decide that restocking the cupboard is more important than trying to go for broke with the ‘king’ and Anthony Davis, acquiring Ben Simmons and James Harden would be a great way to replace James’ production in the interim and over the long haul.

Harden keeps the Lakers in immediate contention alongside A.D., while Simmons gives Los Angeles a long-term star to build around as they transition past the era that yielded a bubble title down in Disney World.

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