Boston Celtics: 3 ways the C’s are eerily similar to the 2020-21 Suns

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Why Boston Celtics resemble 2020-21 Suns No. 3) Offseason veteran acquisition

A lot of people seem to forget that Chris Paul was recently considered a negative contract and was sent to kill off what was left of his career in Oklahoma City.

However, the veteran point guard surprised a lot of people and helped a young Thunder team make the playoffs.

Despite the run, a lot of people didn’t believe the then 34-year-old had much left in the tank. He was then traded to the Phoenix Suns during the summer of 2021 and the rest is history.

Paul was rejuvenated under his former coach, Monty Williams, and helped the young Suns reach the Finals after many subpar years.

The Boston Celtics acquired their own version of Chris Paul this offseason in Al Horford. The veteran big man was also considered washed and a negative contract and was sent to OKC.

Now, while Horford didn’t have quite the same impact as Paul did with the Thunder, he did play somewhat well in his limited playtime for the tanking team. He played well enough for new Celtics GM and Horford’s former coach Brad Stevens to trade for him.

While the team struggled to start the year, the fan-favorite big man has never been the issue at any point this season.

His consistent play has also seemingly been a major key for unlocking Robert Williams’ potential, which can also be said for Chris Paul with DeAndre Ayton.

While the two veterans play completely different positions, their leadership and consistent play are obvious reasons for the drastic improvements seen from each of their respective teams, adding yet another weird similarity between the 2020-21 Phoenix Suns and the 2021-22 Boston Celtics.

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