Boston Celtics: 2 players that need to be replaced in the rotation

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The 2021-22 season has not gone the way in which many believed it would for the Boston Celtics.

Through 24 games played the shamrocks find themselves boasting a simple .500 record of 13-11 and, despite their recent semi-surge with winning five of their last eight games, the team still has a long way to go before they get to where they ultimately wish to be.

Throughout the past several weeks, fans and media alike have all been discussing ways in which they believe Boston can go about fixing some of their most glaring issues, and, for the most part, said ideas have been rather intriguing.

From scouring over the current crop of free agent talents to pursuing potentially available players on different squads at some point this year via mid-season trade, it appears as though there is one consensus opinion that the majority of people seem to share: the Boston Celtics must look into tweaking their rotation.

Sure, they find themselves rostering two of the most electrifying young stars in the league today in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown but, outside of these wings, the C’s supporting cast could still use for some fine-tuning.

Frankly, looking at some of the usual suspects logging minutes within Ime Udoka’s rotation, it’s evident that there are several talents getting on-court action based on necessity and a lack of other options than anything else.

Today, we at the Houdini pinpoint 2 players, in specific, that Brad Stevens and co. must look to replace within the C’s rotation:

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