Boston Celtics: 2 players still on rookie deals Cs should consider trading for

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Despite what last season’s turnout may have indicated, the Boston Celtics are a team with real potential to compete with the top guns across the NBA’s landscape, not just in the now but, also, for years to come.

With the fact that they have two legitimate franchise building blocks in tow in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, both of whom have the moniker of All-Star attached to their names and are still under the age of 25, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to Boston’s long-term potential.

However, a team is far more than just a couple of great players — it requires great complimentary pieces as well.

Based on the current look of things, it would appear that the Boston Celtics do, in fact, have a solid supporting cast running alongside their prolific dynamic duo, with the likes of Marcus Smart, Robert Williams, Dennis Schroder, and Al Horford headlining the Jays’ surrounding talents.

That said, though these players may be sound compliments for the near future, long-term it may be in the best interest for the Cs to look into bringing on some more youthful players to have continue developing alongside Tatum and Brown and, in turn, build towards a brighter future.

While the NBA Draft is clearly the preferred way of going about and accomplishing this type of task, another way in which the shamrocks can stockpile more youngsters is by simply acquiring such player via free agency or the trade market.

As many of you may already know, we at HH are rather big on the idea of seeing Boston’s front office partake in some wheeling and dealing transactions, for we believe there are several young players that could be of tremendous service to the team currently and moving forward.

Should they opt to look to the trade route to attempt to bring aboard more talented youngsters, the Houdini believes there are 2 players still on their rookie deals that they should consider targeting:

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