Boston Celtics: Dennis Schroder admits he’s poor fit with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Los Angeles Lakers

Boston Celtics point guard Dennis Schroder has been the spark plug of something great in the past–most notably alongside Chris Paul in Oklahoma City–but those abilities didn’t shine through in 2020-21.

Schroder admitted in training camp that the reason was that he simply was a poor fit alongside the Los Angeles Lakers’ top two stars, Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

Stressing family fit and comfort, Schroder landed in Boston alongside a group that has never been known to hog media headlines, unlike Tinseltown’s two-headed monster.

Per Sporting News:

 I love the Lakers organization, and they did great things. But I think, for me, and this is just business, I don’t think I fit in 100 percent. You play with LeBron [James] and [Anthony Davis]. That’s two of the best players in the NBA, and I don’t think I gave them everything that I bring to the table.

For me and my family, I signed a pretty good contract after my fourth year, and my family and myself, we’re going to be good. I’m 28 years old, and I’ll still play in the NBA for a long time. Money is not everything at all times. I want to be comfortable in a situation where I know people appreciate me.

Clearly, Schroder didn’t feel the love from Davis and James. In fact, his inability to gel with Davis made its way from the locker-room to the rumor mill this offseason.

Perhaps the floor general and his former team will benefit from going their separate ways. Rajon Rondo and Russell Westbrook are in his place, but a core in their mid-twenties who figure to continue getting better together–especially with a key glue guy like Al Horford back in the fold–replaces the ill-fitting group Schroder was once a part of.

Win-win? As long as that goes down on the Boston Celtics side of the Mississippi River, HH will be happy.