Boston Celtics: 3 players bound for bigger roles in 2021-22

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Boston Celtics (Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images)

Brad Stevens and co. treated this offseason as a time to re-tool and revamp the roster for the Boston Celtics for the upcoming 2021-22 campaign and, thanks to their high-end activity on the trade market and in free agency, they managed to accomplish their ultimate goal.

Though we did see notable departures from a few key figures from last year’s rotation, based on the players that the Cs managed to acquire throughout the summer, it would appear as though the overall talent of Boston’s roster still managed to improve.

Now, as October 20th’s regular-season tip-off against the New York Knicks rapidly approaches, rookie head coach, Ime Udoka will take this time during training camp and in the preseason to try and set up his preferred schematics for this team in an effort to make the shamrocks as lethal as possible.

A new regime at the helm will certainly bring about several changes to this team, specifically when it comes to individual player roles.

While there are some who could be heading towards a diminished role within the rotation this coming season, we are under the impression that there are 3 players, in particular, that are bound to see increased roles as well:

Boston Celtics player No. 1) Jayson Tatum

To some, it may be a bit shocking to see Jayson Tatum on this list, as he already comes into the 2021-22 season as the unquestioned best and most utilized player on the roster for the Boston Celtics.

That said, based on some of Ime Udoka’s comments from this past summer, the 23-year-old could be in line to have a bigger role within the team’s scheme than what he’s previously endured during his tenure in Beantown.

During one of his first public appearances as the C’s head coach, Udoka stated that the team needs to put more of an emphasis on playmaking and believes that guys like Tatum, what with the fact that he is predominantly in possession of the rock when on the hardwood, should be used as more of an overall offensive initiator rather than just a stupendous scorer:

“It’s not just scoring the basketball. It’s those guys initiating the offense and being better playmakers. That’s the next step in their evolution.”

Throughout his four-year career, the wing has showcased an impressive ability to dish the rock, and even averaged a career-high in assists last season with 4.3 a game.

With the fact that the rookie headman is hinting that the budding superstar will become more of a point-forward for this ball club, it’s undeniable that Tatum’s already highly important role for the Celtics is bound to increase this coming year.

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