Boston Celtics: Dennis Schroder’s path to becoming Sixth Man of the Year

During 2021 free agency, we saw the Boston Celtics make one of the biggest steals in recent memory.

Just a year ago, Dennis Schroder was pondering a four-year, $86 million dollar contract from the Los Angeles Lakers. Ultimately, he decided to turn down this offer in hopes of having a monster season, and cashing in during the free agency period.

Fast forward to this past summer and the Cs have now signed Dennis to a one-year, $5.8 million dollar deal, this was a player that just turned down $20 million dollars a season ago. Getting Schroder in a prove it year, for that cheap, is a huge steal.

In a recent article, I broke down who I think will be the starters for the Celtics on opening night. One notable omission, was the newly signed, twenty-eight year old guard from Braunschweig, Germany.

My reasoning for leaving Schroder out of the starting unit is simple. For me, I believe he thrives in that sixth-man role. This is a season where I can finally see him break through, and take home that coveted Sixth Man of the Year award.

Here are a two things, I believe the newest Celtics has to do, in order to be considered for the award.

Average between 17-20 points per game

What do the last five sixth-man of the year award winners have in common? They all averaged at least, 17 points per game. Schroeder should get every opportunity to play starters minutes. Which, with his scoring ability, should be able to reach those averages.

Two years ago, in Oklahoma City when he finished second in sixth-man voting, he averaged 30 minutes per game and 18.9 points per game.

With most of the attention focused on the Jays, Schroder will see his scoring chances go up. Every opportunity will be there for him to become the Celtics third leading scorer this season.

Boston Celtics finish with top four record in the east

Currently the Celtics are picked to finish seventh in the east in’s Eastern Conference Power Rankings. 

It is safe to say that, not many people are giving this team a chance this season. If Schroder can take a team, that is expected to under achieve, and lead them to a top four seed in the conference, his chances at the award go up immensely.

He would have a leg up on players who might have top tier stats, but no team success. The ability to score the basketball, and the possibility of leading this team to home court advantage in the playoffs, should put Schroder at the top of the conversation for the 6MOY award.

The Boston Celtics, in recent memory have not had a player come off the bench, that has the ability to do what Schroder can do offensively and defensively. Ime Udoka, new Celtics head coach, will put his new point guard in the best possible situations to succeed.

After coming so close in previous years, the Sixth Man of the Year award is within reach once again.

The balls in your court now, Dennis. How bad do you want it?