Boston Celtics: Twitter’s funniest reactions to Marcus Smart John Adams comments

As we wait for summer to set off into the sunset, there’s been little chatter about the Boston Celtics in recent days.

The only notable thing that happened was from Marcus Smart’s Twitter page. And boy was it notable.

Smart shared a tweet using John Adams as an example of being the first person to do something and being remembered for it. Of course, Adams was the second president of the United States.

NBA Twitter delivered the laughs with the responses to the random historical name-drop:

This prompted Smart to issue another statement putting down Adams to prop up our country’s first president George Washington:

Finally, Smart imparted words of wisdom to Boston Celtics fans (and NBA fans in general) about getting a proper night sleep.

Oh, and it included a portrait of Smart dressed up as an American forefather:

Did Hardwood Houdini think the offseason would get to a point where Smart would be slanting a dead president?

No, but that’s the joy of Twitter. There isn’t much joy to be had most of the time, so when someone like Smart could get NBA Twitter laughing, we’re here for it.