Boston Celtics: 5 possible star Team USA trios Jayson Tatum can help form

Boston Celtics (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Boston Celtics (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /
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The NBA has been at peak unpredictability the past several offseasons, and the Boston Celtics have quite often been at the center of all the wheeling and dealing that has caused the sport to have a 24/7, 365 news cycle.

COVID-19 and all of the trickle-down effects it caused have altered the schedule to become an even more around-the-clock affair during the last year. Last season’s bubble postseason came right before the 2020 election, and the 2020-21 season is now coinciding with the delayed 2020 Olympics.

Said Olympics features Cs superstar Jayson Tatum, and as Team USA assembles in its quest for a fourth straight gold medal at the games, a history of future super teams forming on these runs lurks in the background as a possible storyline to watch…in addition to the team’s disappointing exhibition run so far.

But we won’t get into that. Instead, the Houdini wants to explore the potential future star trios that could form as a result of Tatum’s involvement–and changed tone towards recruiting for the Cs–with Team USA:

Boston Celtics’ potential Team USA star trio #1: Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Bradley Beal

Let’s start with the most likely to happen. Bradley Beal’s 2022 free agency makes the Kemba Walker trade easier to understand, considering Brad Stevens has said he made the deal in order to maintain future cap flexibility around the Jays. 

Ipso facto, signing Beal outright next offseason after carving up a max contract slot to complement Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown is the clearest path forward towards Team USA bearing fruit for Boston the next time a super-team forms.