Boston Celtics: Predicting next season’s stats leaders

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The Boston Celtics already made huge changes this offseason. Brad Stevens traded Kemba Walker for Al Horford, marking the new era of Celtics basketball.

Building around Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown should be the goal, as those are the core players to lead them into the future. However, they can’t do everything on the court all at once.

Every team needs players that excel in certain areas. Shooters such as Duncan Robinson, rebounders such as Tristan Thompson, and passers such as Rajon Rondo come to mind immediately.

There are eight main statistical categories that come to mind when discussing player stats — points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, field goal percentage, 3-point percentage, and free throw percentage.

Out of these eight categories, the Cs had six different leaders.

Only two players led in multiple — Marcus Smart (assists and steals) and Robert Williams (blocks and field goal percentage).

This leaves a lot of room for chances next year. With a ton of possibilities in terms of roster changes this offseason, anyone could come in and help in any category.

There are only a couple of players who should have their respective categories locked up, while the rest are up for debate. It’s anyone’s race to win.

Who’s going to lead the Boston Celtics in points? Rebounds? Assists?

It’ll be very interesting to see what players make strides forward next year.

Hopefully, Ime Udoka helps put everyone in the best place to succeed. It should be fun to watch the younger players develop, and the veterans come in and make a big-time difference.

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