Boston Celtics: 3 wings Cs should look to add this offseason

Boston Celtics (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Boston Celtics (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /
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There’s no way around it, Brad Stevens has his work cut out for him as the newly elected general manager of the Boston Celtics after experiencing firsthand how flawed of a roster Danny Ainge had put together the previous offseason.

The team lacked elite center play when Robert Williams was out of the lineup, had very in-experienced and shallow depth, inconsistent shooting, no passers, and only a few high IQ basketball players.

The offense and the defense were some of the worst of the Brad Stevens era and although some of the blame could be put on him, the roster was undeniably flawed and could only do so much.

With that said, what should Stevens do to clean up this heap that lies in front of him?

I’ve addressed the point guards and big men that he should and more than likely will look to bring in but there’s one more need that Stevens needs to fulfill: NBA caliber wings. Depending on your definition, the Boston Celtics only had three of these and only two of them played in the playoffs.

This number will rise with the improvement of Romeo Langford and Aaron Nesmith but the C’s are not in a position to rely on those two becoming lockdown defenders with reliable offensive repertoires. No, Boston needs to bring in players that have proven they can contribute and they need to bring them in without breaking the bank.

Seeing as they may end up paying Robert Williams, Evan Fournier, and Marcus Smart this summer on top of bringing on other talents, there will not be a lot of room to throw a wing the proverbial bag.

That rules out any one of Nicolas Batum, Josh Hart, or Demar DeRozen. However not all hope is lost, there are plenty of high-caliber wings on the market that won’t cost the Boston Celtics anymore than $10 million.

Let’s take a look at some of those names: