Boston Celtics: B/R believes Cs should have traded for Myles Turner

Boston Celtics Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports
Boston Celtics Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports /

The Boston Celtics are now losers of three straight and four of their last five as we venture towards the finish line of the 2020-21 regular season.

A year that once started with such promise and high potential now finds itself flatlined and completely depleted, ravaged by injuries and disappointing performances galore.

When looking back, it’s easy to see just how far this mighty Cs team has fallen. Whilst looking back, it’s certainly an entertaining (and partially sad) game to play to see what could have been done to alter this reality in which we currently find ourselves in.

From draft strategy to offseason dealings, there are quite a few different things the team’s front office could have done to at least give Boston a better shot of contending than in comparison to where they are now.

Even at this year’s trade deadline, we at HH are under the impression that a few alterations to their final decisions could have gone a long way for this ball club. Apparently, the folks at Bleacher Report also believe different moves should have been made back in late March, though they are set on one specific transaction: a deal for Myles Turner.

In fact, writer Zach Buckley recently concocted a trade that he believes should have transpired at the deadline and the meat of it reads as follows:

Citing their desperate need for defensive improvements coupled with their ample recourses to execute such a deal, Buckley believes, instead of pursuing the likes of Evan Fournier for scoring purposes, the Boston Celtics should have pursued Turner and his specific skill set instead:

"Sure, the addition of Evan Fournier helped, but Boston had bigger problems than a spark-plug scorer could fix.For instance, why not attack the team’s 18th-ranked defense with a Defensive Player of the Year candidate?Myles Turner might have unlocked the Shamrocks’ full potential as a defensive anchor and stretch shooter. Defensively, he could patrol the paint and cover for the inevitable leaks behind Kemba Walker. Offensively, Turner’s shooting threat (career 35.2 percent from deep) would have kept attack lanes open for Walker, Brown and Jayson Tatum.Robert Williams III, when healthy, has done an admirable job of stepping into the starting center spot, but he lacks Turner’s size, instincts and overall skill level. Doing this deal could have kept Williams in a reserve role, turning the position from a liability into a strength."

Interestingly enough, the move that Danny Ainge ultimately made actually has worked out better now with the loss of Jaylen Brown for the remainder of the season, for Fournier — though not the talent that Brown is — can slide right into the vacated wing slot and somewhat make up the difference for the star’s offensive contributions.

That said, we’ve been preaching for a Myles Turner to the Boston Celtics trade for quite some time now, so you know we would have loved to have seen this hypothetical scenario finally become a reality.

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